Alternative Livestock


All birds and animals in this sale are for breeding, food & fiber purposes only. All guarantees & sales are between buyer & seller. Announcements made day of sale take precedence over written material.
We are not responsible for casualties or injury to animals or birds while on our premises. We accept "Sound" animals ONLY!!! 

Cages must meet the USDA Guidelines:
All cages must have handles (wood-wire-plastic-etc.)
All cages must has access door-gates-etc.
All cages must have solid bottoms (wood-metal-hard plastic-etc.) No paper-cardboard-carpet-etc.
All cages must have attached and non-breakable food and water dishes
All cages must have ample bedding
All cages must allow animal or animals enough room to stand and move about
All cages must have Live Animal Stickers on them

TERMS: MasterCard/Visa,Cash, cashiers check, or personal check accompanied by your Bank's Letter of Credit. Letter of Credit must reach our office one week before the auction. We will not take checks without your banks Letter of Credit. Two ID's required. Health papers must be in order before unloading.Sales tax will be charged to all customers on miscellaneous items and taxidermy unless a copy of your sales tax exemption certificate is presented to us.

NO ALLEY TRADING OR PRIVATE SALES ON AUCTION PREMISES BEFORE, DURING OR AFTER AN AUCTION. Full commission must be paid on any Animal or Bird "lots" that is a "No Sale" in the ring and later sold on Sale Barn premises.


20% per item 
No Sale Fee per item $10.00 

20% per cage or per animal from $25.00-49.99
10% per cage or per animal $50.00 & over
Minimum per cage or per animal of $5.00
No sale fee per item $5.00
Nursery & other Animal
20% per cage or per animal from $25.00-49.99
10% per cage or per animal $50.00 & over 
Minimum per cage or animal $5.00
No sale fee per cage or animal based on final bid price 
0.00-999.99 no sale fee $10.00
1000.00 & up no sale fee $25.00
Sheep & Goat
Minimum per head commission fee is $15.00 per head 
$150.00 & up is 10%
Minimum per head commission is $10.00 per head 
$100.00 & up is 10% 

Entry Fee's
Mini Horse 35.00 per head
Donkey 25.00 per head
Llama 25.00 per head  

We have facilities to hold your animals the week before & after the sale. Adequate cages with feed & water will be checked daily. Feed Charge is $1.50 per day per head. All cages sell with each lot. Birds & animals must be able to stand in cage & meet USDA approval guidelines. NO CARDBOARD BOXES!!!

Barn opens at 7 am daily ~ Closes at 9 pm

  • GENERAL ADMISSION:$5.00 daily per person
  • RESERVED SEATING:3 day sales: $12.00 daily or $30 for all days.  
  • VENDOR SPACE:Limited indoor space available on 1st come/ 1st serve basis. Setup Fees: $25 per day 8X8, $35 per day 10x10. Outside setups range from $50 to $200 per day. CALL FRANKIE LOLLI FOR DETAILS 660-651-4040
  • MAILING ADDRESS:Lolli Bros. Livestock Market , Inc., 704 Main Street Ste A, Macon, MO 63552
  • PHONEDaytime: 660-385-2516  Evenings: Frankie 660-651-4040 * Joseph 660-346-9711 *  Tim 660-651-3496
  • FAX: 660-385- 2843 ~ EMAILThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Macon, Missouri is located at the Junction of Highway 63 & 36.  ~ Our facility lies within the city limits on Missouri St (US Hwy 63 South)


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